Navigating UK Building Regulations and Planning Laws

Shedding Light on Conservation Rooflights Paul Trace from Stella Rooflight offers advice on navigating UK Building Regulations and Planning Laws In his address to the House of Lords in 1943, Sir Winston Churchill emphasised the profound influence that the built environment has on our lives, advocating for the faithful restoration of the House of Commons […]

A Stella Approach to Powder Coating

What is Powder Coating? Powder coating is a versatile and advanced finishing process used to apply a protective and decorative layer to various materials, primarily metals. It involves the electrostatic application of a dry powder onto the surface of an object, followed by curing in an oven. This method results in a resilient and uniform […]

A Guide to Bespoke Rooflights

Why Are Bespoke Rooflights Better for Period Properties? If you live in period property, a converted barn, a Listed building, or a Conservation Area, the chances are that your home is unique. You most likely appreciate the aesthetic appeal and unique and charming architectural design that your home offers. The intricate details, ornate mouldings, and […]

Preserving Heritage Properties, While Introducing Modern Performance

Home Rooflight Middle Panel

Modern Rooflights for Historic Buildings Listed buildings hold a special place in our architectural heritage. They are living, breathing monuments that tell the stories of the past. However, preserving these structures while adapting them for modern living is a delicate balance. Stella Rooflights understands this unique challenge and has created conservation rooflights that seamlessly blend […]

Remote Control Rooflights: Convenience and Comfort in Modern Living

roof window Remote in Hand

The Era of Smart Living In the age of smart homes and advanced technology, it’s no surprise that convenience and comfort are at the forefront of modern living. From lighting to security, homeowners are seeking innovative solutions to make their daily routines more effortless and enjoyable. Remote control rooflights have emerged as a cutting-edge addition […]

Coastal Living: How 316L Stainless Steel Protects Your Rooflights

The Coastal Challenge Coastal living offers breath-taking views and a serene environment, but it comes with its own set of challenges, particularly when it comes to maintaining the integrity of your home. One of the key concerns for homeowners in coastal areas is the corrosive power of salty sea air. It can wreak havoc on […]

Preserving Heritage: How Conservation Rooflights Elevate Historic Buildings

High quality conservation rooflights

Historic buildings stand as testaments to our cultural and architectural heritage. These structures embody the essence of bygone eras, telling stories of the past. Preserving their authenticity and charm is a delicate task, especially when modern needs come into play. This is where conservation rooflights step in, bridging the gap between tradition and contemporary living. […]

Biophilic Design: Embracing Nature’s Light

Flood your home with light

Paul Trace from Stella Rooflight discusses the importance of effectively introducing light into home design for wellbeing, health and Productivity In an era marked by technological advancements and urbanisation, the longing for a connection with nature has never been stronger. Biophilic design, a concept rooted in the idea of incorporating natural elements into built environments, […]

Understanding Nickel Sulphide Inclusion in Glass: Risks, Identification, and Mitigation

In this blog, we aim to delve into the complexities of Nickel Sulphide inclusion, offering insights to minimise risks in rooflight design and dispelling common misconceptions. Let’s explore this phenomenon and strategies to address it effectively. What is Nickel Sulphide Inclusion? Nickel Sulphide inclusion refers to the unintended presence of Nickel Sulphide, an impurity, in […]

Building Regulations and Conservation Rooflights in Historic Buildings

Conservation rooflights for commercial building

In June 2022, the UK government introduced new building regulations aimed at reducing the country’s carbon emissions. The updated regulations are part of a wider effort to tackle climate change and create a more sustainable future for the country. The regulations are set out in two volumes: Volume 1 covers dwellings, while Volume 2 covers […]