Low Profile Conservation Rooflights Provide Crowning Glory for Stylish North London Kitchen Extension

The Project

As a lawyer with a keen eye for detail the client was meticulous in his approach to researching every last component for the family’s new kitchen extension in their beautifully appointed Victorian terrace in North London.

With space at a premium the family were able to double the size of their kitchen by making the most of a small side garden with a single story extension incorporating a cleverly designed side return roof. Every last detail of the build, from the high-end kitchen appliances to the light bulbs were researched with rigour to ensure the end finish was to a standard that matched the rest of this beautiful family home.

Conservation Area

Despite the project being completed under permitted development, the client opted to install two bespoke designed Conservation rooflights – a product often specified in Listed properties, barn conversions or properties situated in a Conservation Area. With their low profile and traditional external appearance, the rooflights blend in naturally with the Victorian properties in the street, while providing a modern look and feel on the inside to mirror the stylish appearance of the home.

The slender frame of the Conservation rooflights allow the maximum amount of light to enter the new space and despite the close proximity of neighbouring properties, light floods into the new room from above. This was hugely important as the new area forms the hub of this family home - a place not only to cook, but a communal, functional space for the family to come together to dine and the children to play.

No Compromise on Quality

As with the other components of the build the rooflights were painstakingly researched by the client himself. He wanted a high quality product that looked visually appealing as they would not only be viewable from upper floors of their three story home, but also from neighbouring properties.

The Conservation rooflights were supplied to the exact specification and size (1600mm x 1000mm), with a black powder coat finish, American ash interior liners, self cleaning highly efficient double glazing units.

The rooflights were delivered on time and were easy to install, even for roofers who had no experience installing these particular style rooflights in the past.

Client Testimonial

“I did spend a lot (and I mean a lot) of time looking at rooflights. What I just couldn't see anywhere else was the style (super low profile which was so important to me) and what appeared to be the quality of the rooflights themselves.”

“I have not seen anything else comparable anywhere and could not be more pleased. The service (and patience of the team) could not be faulted.”