Preserving Heritage Properties, While Introducing Modern Performance

Modern Rooflights for Historic Buildings

Listed buildings hold a special place in our architectural heritage. They are living, breathing monuments that tell the stories of the past. However, preserving these structures while adapting them for modern living is a delicate balance. Stella Rooflights understands this unique challenge and has created conservation rooflights that seamlessly blend modern design with heritage preservation.

Stella rooflights are more than just functional additions to Listed buildings. They are a bridge between past and present, a testament to the harmonious coexistence of modern design and heritage preservation. Here’s why Stella rooflights are an ideal choice for Listed buildings:

Custom Made Roof Windows

Stella Rooflights are custom-made, allowing for a perfect match with the existing architectural elements of Listed buildings. This customisation ensures that the rooflights don’t disrupt the building’s historical character. You can choose the shape, size, and even genuine glazing bars that seamlessly integrate into the heritage aesthetics.

Traditional Materials and Craftsmanship

To truly preserve a Listed building, the materials used must be of the highest quality. Stella Rooflights are manufactured with 316L stainless steel, a material known for its strength and durability. This not only ensures longevity but also maintains the integrity of the building’s structure.

Blending Heritage Design with Modern Performance and Functionality

While the preservation of heritage is vital, modern living demands modern functionality. Stella Rooflights provide the best of both worlds. They can be manually operated or electrically actuated, offering convenience and comfort without compromising the building’s historic charm.

Maximising Daylight in Period Homes

Listed buildings often suffer from a lack of natural light. Stella rooflights, with their thin profile stainless steel frames, allow for more glass and less frame, which ultimately means, more natural daylight and better lit spaces.

The introduction of natural light transforms the interiors of Listed buildings. It not only makes the spaces more inviting but also improves the energy efficiency of old buildings. Stella rooflights allow for optimal daylighting, reducing the need for artificial lighting and positively impacting the building’s overall energy consumption.


Listed buildings are the embodiment of our history, and their preservation is a matter of cultural significance. Architects, Specifiers, Conservation Officers and custodians have a duty to preserve our historic built environment using the most appropriate building materials at their disposal.

Stella understands the importance of this preservation and offers a solution that perfectly balances heritage with modern living. Customised rooflights mean that you do not have to settle for standard, off the shelf options. With a Stella rooflight, it is possible to blend materials that are appropriate to the original architectural design, with modern performance and functionality. Stella Rooflights are the ideal choice for Listed buildings.


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