Beautifully Bespoke Rooflights

You simply cannot buy better quality custom rooflights

At Stella we pride ourselves on manufacturing the finest bespoke rooflights for our clients. Whether that is a traditional heritage conservation rooflight for a refurbishment project or a more contemporary flush fitting custom made skylight for a modern build. With modern skylights being predominantly selected by price, this offers no opportunity for architects or clients to personalise their roof windows. We offer made to measure fixed or opening rooflights or a combination of both. The opening options include brass or chrome manual screwjack winders or electric opening rooflights with a variety of control options. Clients can choose their own custom skylight glazing based around what is important to them. Options available are single, double or triple glazing that can include self-clean, solar control, toughened or laminated glass, sound insulation or obscure. All our glass units are manufactured in the UK. They include a warm edge spacer bar and are silicone sealed to provide significantly more UV protection and extend the life of the glazing unit.

Stainless Steel

It is widely recognised that the best looking rooflights are manufactured from steel. While steel has many aesthetic benefits over modern rooflights, that does not mean that all steel rooflights are equal. Mild or carbon steel rooflights are only protected from the elements by their powder coat, which if damaged, will expose the frame. Inevitably, mild steel rooflights will rust over time.

That is why all our rooflights are manufactured in the UK using only 316 stainless steel and finished with a high grade marine quality powder coat finish. A Stella Rooflight is designed to last a lifetime.

UK Manufactured

We do not produce “off the shelf” standard rooflight sizes or specifications because we believe that your rooflight should be as unique as your project. As such All Stella rooflights are bespoke made for each client and specifically designed for their individual property.

We design, manufacture and hand finish each rooflight in the UK to the highest standards, ensuring our clients get the very best bespoke roof window products.

Choice of high quality liners

Internally our custom rooflights are lined with an American ash but this can also be changed to any number of wood finishes to suit the internal finish of the property.

We manufacture our rooflight liners using high quality sustainable hardwood materials, providing excellent thermal performance and a stunning natural look finish.

Fixed or opening

We offer fixed or opening rooflights or a combination of both. The opening skylight options include brass or chrome manual screwjack winders. You can also choose an electric operated rooflight, with a variety of control options.

Choice of colours

Stella rooflight clients can also choose their frame colour, which will be a high quality paint finish produced to an industry leading marine grade application. This offers significantly greater protection than anything being offered by any other steel rooflight company.

Quality Glazing

Stella rooflights incorporate only the highest specification glazing. Depending on your personal preference and property location we can offer a full range of triple glazed units with additional features such as solar protection and self-cleaning options.

If required we can provide a genuine rooflight glazing bar for Listed and Conservation style properties.

Bespoke Rooflight options

Personalise features such as the makeup of your triple glazing, make a bold statement with colour or have the internal liners hand crafted from a tree in your garden. At Stella we are focussed on bringing you the very best custom made rooflights through our truly unique bespoke service.

Personal service

Our knowledgeable and friendly team will guide you through the entire process to help you create your rooflights exactly as you want them.

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