Stainless Steel

The only choice for long lasting rooflights

It is widely recognised that the best looking rooflights are manufactured from steel, but while steel has many aesthetic benefits over modern rooflights, that does not mean that all steel rooflights are equal.

Stella Rooflight is the only company in the UK using 316L stainless steel as standard in the manufacture of all its rooflights. Every other metal rooflight company use mild or carbon steel as standard, which will rust if they are not regularly maintained.

Low maintenance rooflights

Not only is a Stella rooflight made from 316L stainless steel, but each one is finished with a marine grade powder coat application, which is also a much higher specification than any other rooflight company is offering a standard. This marine grade powder coat application does provide additional protection, however, it is mainly for aesthetic purposes, as the stainless steel frame underneath is impervious to rust. This makes a Stella Rooflight the ideal choice for those looking for a low maintenance rooflight solution.

The only option for coastal properties

If your rooflight is to be situated in a property which is less than 5kms away from the coast or a saltwater estuary, then a stainless steel rooflight is the only real option for you.

Marine Grade 316L stainless steel rooflights do not suffer uniform corrosion in the same way as mild steel (carbon steel) versions will, when exposed to wet environments. Unprotected carbon steel will readily rust when exposed to the combination of air and moisture.

For rooflights, stainless steel is an ideal corrosion-resistant material. There is of course a slightly higher price premium for Marine Grade 316L, but it is well worth it in areas which are exposed to the harsh British elements, especially the coast and heavily salted roadways.

For more information on rooflights and rust, read our informative blog.

Any shape and size you need

As all our stainless steel rooflights are bespoke made to suit each individual customer, we can manufacture your rooflight to fit exactly how and where you need it.

In older properties, where the position of rafter sizes can vary, having a bespoke solution is often the only way forward.

Have it your way

We have made bespoke rooflights in just about every shape and size, so whether you need something small to provide a lighting solution for a small bathroom or loft space, or something much larger that will flood your kitchen or living space with natural daylight, then we can help.

Please be aware that large rooflights can be very heavy and you may need to consider the practicalities of things like installation.

Read our helpful blog on specifying large rooflights to find out more.

If a traditional square or rectangle design doesn’t quite fit the style of your property, then no problem! Our design team can find a solution that works for you and your building.

Rooflights of exceptional quality

We understand that by using only the finest quality, hard wearing materials our rooflights will be more expensive than most and that our bespoke made rooflights will not be for everyone.

However, if you are looking for a high performance, low maintenance rooflight that not only looks stunning, but will last a lifetime, then a Stella Rooflight might just be for you.
Stainless Steel Stella Rooflights
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