Rooflights and Security – What You Need to Know

Something people often ask when considering having a rooflight installed is whether they’re a security risk or not. After all, there’s no point having a gorgeous feature put into your home if it’s going to jeopardise its safety.

Fortunately, though, the answer is no, they’re not a security risk – at least, no more so than any other window in your property. But that’s not to say you shouldn’t still take pains to make sure your rooflight is appropriately secured. And in this blog, we’ll look at just how exactly you can do that.


When looking to break into a property, windows are amongst the easiest points-of-entry for criminals to target. Besides the obvious flaw in that many people leave their windows open, particularly in the warmer months, windows often also have limited security/safety features.

They may be single-paned and easier to smash through, for instance, or lacking in lockable handles. So, when you have a rooflight installed, it’s important that you consider having some additional security features installed, too.

First of all, its worth noting that, unlike windows, rooflights are usually situated high up on the roof of a property, and generally not the best place for an intruder to consider entering.


Toughened Glazing

Consider installing a rooflight with extra-strong window glazing. Some intruders are less discrete with their break-in methods, and will often resort to simply trying to break through the glass of a window, itself. By reinforcing that glazing with a tougher, more durable option, you reduce that risk.

The important thing to note with toughened glazing is that it works best if the inner pane is made from laminated glass; otherwise, the toughened glass can still be vulnerable to the more vociferous of burglary attempts. The laminated pane is made up of several thin panes each separated by a film. In turn, this makes the glass far harder to smash.

Impossible to open from the outside

If you have an opening rooflight it is almost impossible to prize it open from the outside. There are no external screws or fittings which can be removed to enable access. Obviously if you have a fixed rooflight, they are not designed to open in any case.

Have an Alarm System Installed Throughout Your Home

This is a general security measure that applies to your whole property, rather than solely your rooflight, but it’s one that’s worth mentioning. These days, you can get a good-quality home alarm system for a price that won’t break the bank. These systems alert you to a break-in whether you’re at home or not, and act as a good in-the-moment deterrent.


So, there you have it your rooflight will be the least of your concerns when considering safety and security, with low level windows being the most likely point of entry for any intruder. However, or team will be happy to discuss the safety and security features of our bespoke roof windows with you should you have any questions or concerns.

If you want to find out more about rooflights, then why not check out our blog page, here?

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