Essential Conservation Rooflight Maintenance Guide

Metal conservation rooflights offer strength, security, and versatility, but their longevity is contingent on proper maintenance. Despite promises of low maintenance, weather conditions and environmental factors can impact rooflights over time. Here are essential maintenance tips to ensure your rooflights remain in optimal condition.

Choose the Right Material

Metal conservation rooflights are typically made of carbon steel or stainless steel, each requiring different levels of maintenance. Carbon steel is more susceptible to rust, necessitating a protective coating to prevent corrosion. On the other hand, stainless steel, though more expensive initially, is corrosion-resistant, offering a cost-effective, long-term solution.

Essential Conservation Rooflight Maintenance Guide Stella Rooflights
Essential Conservation Rooflight Maintenance Guide Stella Rooflights


Protective Coating and Maintenance

Even with protective coatings like paint or powder coating, maintenance is crucial. Regular cleaning, inspections, and possible touch-ups are necessary to ensure the coating’s effectiveness. For carbon steel rooflights, maintenance is essential to prevent corrosion, while for stainless steel, it’s largely for aesthetic purposes.

Regular Inspection

Frequent inspections are vital to identify and address issues early on. Check the glass for integrity, examine the frame for wear, inspect weather seals, and ensure hardware functionality.

Maintenance Schedule

Adhering to a maintenance schedule is key to preserving the longevity of your rooflights:

Every 4 Weeks:

  • Operate the window to check the manual winder or self-lubricating electric motors.
  • Ensure internal rubbers are free of dust and debris.

Every Month:

  • Lubricate manual spindles.
  • Clean windows (if not self-cleaning).
  • Operate gas springs to check pressure.

Every Six Months:

  • Check paint finish for damage.
  • Clean piston rods.
  • Clean self-cleaning windows.
Essential Conservation Rooflight Maintenance Guide Stella Rooflights
Essential Conservation Rooflight Maintenance Guide Stella Rooflights

Cleaning Instructions

For both interior and exterior cleaning, use mild detergent and warm water. For exterior cleaning, brush away dirt, use a squeegee, and finish with a non-abrasive cloth. For the interior, clean with a gentle cleaner, warm water, and a lint-free cloth.

Special Considerations

  • Use a specialist ladder for rooflight access, and never stand on the unit.
  • For carbon steel rooflights, address paintwork damage promptly.
  • Clean piston rods every six months for rooflights with gas springs.
  • Annual tasks include checking hinge bolts, applying a small amount of oil, and adjusting the maintenance schedule based on your specific environment.

Adjusting the Maintenance Schedule

Your location and rooflight specifications may require adjustments to the maintenance schedule. Living near the coast or in areas with high dirt and pollutant levels may necessitate more frequent maintenance.

Repairing Conservation Rooflights

  • Quickly address any issues during inspections:
  • Use a glass repair kit for minor glass damage.
  • Sand and repaint rusted areas on carbon steel rooflights.
  • Replace damaged weather seals.
  • Tighten or replace loose hardware.

Final Considerations

  • Stainless steel is advisable for hard-to-reach rooflights.
  • Quality frame material is crucial, as coatings can be scratched or damaged.
  • Adhering to manufacturer-recommended maintenance guidelines is essential to preserve warranties.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your conservation rooflights remain aesthetically pleasing and functional for years to come.


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