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Bespoke Rooflights

You simply cannot buy better quality custom rooflights
  • Exceptional flush fitting rooflights utilising the very best of materials.
  • Manufactured from Marine Grade 316L stainless steel and real wood interior linings
  • Industry leading thermal performance
  • The first choice for discerning clients looking to bring natural daylight into their living spaces

The World's Best
conservation Roof Windows

We believe that we offer the best conservation rooflights that money can buy anywhere in the world. All of our rooflights are bespoke made in Cornwall by experts with more than 100 years combined experience in the industry. 

The materials we use in our manufacturing process are of the highest quality, including 316L stainless steel, high performance glazing and hard wood liners. The result is beautifully designed rooflights, which will outlast and outperform any other conservation roof window available.

Stella often undertake projects that no-one else can. We work closely with each customer to achieve a solution that is unique to them and their property. 

We help homeowners, architects and specifiers bring their unique vision to life and provide a highly personalised and professional service.

Stella offer you more than just a rooflight, or skylight as they are often called. Our bespoke made rooflights are a work of art. Each one is made to order exclusively for you by our team of highly skilled craftspeople and designers.

What makes A Stella Rooflight So Special?

Home Old Stella Rooflights

Quality and Durability

Stella Rooflights are bespoke made, manufactured using superior quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship. This ensures optimum durability and longevity. Stella is the only company which manufacture frames using a high grade stainless steel as standard, ensuring that our rooflights are built to last a lifetime and with stand the harshest weather conditions.

Energy Efficiency

While maintaining a traditional appearance, our conservation rooflights incorporate the latest in frame and glazing technologies, which provides maximum energy efficiency and thermal performance.

Home Old Stella Rooflights

Aesthetics and Design

We push the boundaries of design and work with our customers, their builders and architects to provide bespoke designs unique to their homes. Our slim, stainless steel frames sit flush within a roof, while our hard wood liners provide a stunning internal finish.

A Stella Rooflight does more than simply flood your home in light,our rooflights are astatement piece for those who prioritise architectural aesthetics.

Home Old Stella Rooflights

A Genuine Conservation Rooflight

Stella is the only company to manufacture conservation rooflights by incorporating the glazing bars into the frame design, in-keeping with the original Victorian design. This not only satisfies the demands of Conservation officers, but also provides additional strength,and offers greater flexibility when manufacturing large bespoke sized rooflights.

Home Old Stella Rooflights

Functionality and Features

For added convenience and functionality, a Stella rooflight can incorporate advanced features and functionality that enhance the overall user experience. These can include motorised opening mechanisms, integrated rain and windsensors, remote control operation, smart home integration, or even self-cleaning glass.

Home Old Stella Rooflights

Traditional Values and Trust

We truly believe that delivering an exceptional product begins with a first class customer experience. We are proud of the reputation we have built not only for the quality of our rooflights, but for our customer service. This begins from the very first moment you engage with Stella. We endeavour to respond to enquiries swiftly and efficiently, often out of normal working hours, to get you the information you need. Our team are among the most knowledgeable rooflight professionals in the business, and work hard to turn your vision into reality.

Home Old Stella Rooflights

Long-Term Value

A Stella rooflight might not be the cheapest product on the market, but it offers outstanding long-term value. This is reflected in our unrivalled 50 year frame warranty.

Our rooflights are designed to last a lifetime – a stunning design statement that will not only transform, but add value to your home.

Home Old Stella Rooflights

Customisation Options

Unlike every other rooflight manufacturer, Stella does not make off the shelf rooflights. Rather we give our customers complete design flexibility with customisation options allowing homeowners to tailor their rooflight to their specific needs and preferences. Our customers can choose the exact sizes, shapes, finishes, and glazing options to suit their needs.

Home Old Stella Rooflights
Exceptional flush fitting rooflights utilising the very best of materials
Manufactured from Marine Grade 316L stainless steel and real wood interior linings
Industry leading thermal performance
The first choice for discerning clients looking to bring natural daylight into their living spaces

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