Apples to Oranges!

If you are comparing quotes and one is significantly cheaper than the other it is always worth digging deeper to find out why and if you are really comparing two equal products.

Stella Rooflight offers the highest standard specification of any supplier and when combined with our UK design, manufacturing and assembly our quotes will often be at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. Whilst a higher upfront cost can sometimes put people off, it is always worth considering what the likely whole life cost of a product is likely to be. Will the cheaper product last as long, will it need more maintenance, does it offer the benefits of the more expensive skylight and most importantly, will it add value to my property. If you come to sell the property and have opted for a cheap steel framed rooflight or a skylight that is not in keeping with the original architecture, you may find yourself either needing to carry out expensive repairs to rusting frames or even losing potential buyers who are looking for original features.

A number of competitors are offering a cheaper alternative to our conservation rooflight design but we would certainly encourage anyone comparing those products to our own, to ask questions that will allow a more direct comparison.

To most people rooflights simply allow light and ventilation into their roof space; so what makes one product vary from another? and why is price so closely linked with quality? There are some very big and well-known brands in the rooflight market and these tend to be mass produced in a range of standard sizes, production line manufactured and cheap enough to entice major housebuilders to use them in the thousands.

But what if you need something unique for your project? What if you want an input into how your glazing solution will look and operate? Many roof window suppliers are not set up for the custom made one-offs or the bespoke skylight designs and options. Mass production works by producing goods in large quantities, often using standardised designs and assembly-line techniques to minimize costs. It does not usually allow for changes or alternations to make your custom made glazing ideas a reality. In addition to large scale production, factors such as location play an important part in the cost of producing a rooflight. Significantly lower labour and material costs allow manufacturers to produce and sell products for less. That said; the quality of the product can usually be directly linked to the amount the manufacturer spends on those two areas. There are many key factors in rooflight design including frame materials, glass, paint, mechanisms and the people used to produce the goods. It stands to reason then that if you try and save every penny to make your goods cheaper, then something has to give at the quality end.

Bespoke or custom built rooflights can be more expensive, even if they are not particularly large. This because each Stella Rooflight is tailor made and begins with a brand new set of drawings produced by our design team. When designing your bespoke tailor made Stella rooflight you will be able to choose many of the materials including, your glazing specification, your timber type and your powder coating colour.

If you would like to discuss a bespoke, custom built rooflight for your project, call our team on 01794 745445 or use our contact form.

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