Rooflight Security: Key Considerations

When contemplating the installation of a rooflight, a common concern revolves around its impact on home security. Nobody wants a stunning architectural feature that compromises the safety of their property. The good news is that rooflights, when appropriately secured, pose no more risk than any other window in your home.

Understanding Window Vulnerabilities

Windows are often targeted by criminals seeking entry due to their vulnerabilities. Many homeowners leave windows open, especially in warmer seasons, and some windows lack robust security features. Single-paned windows are easier to break, and handles without locks can make unauthorised access simpler.

Rooflights and Elevated Security

Unlike conventional windows, rooflights are typically positioned high on the roof, making them less attractive to intruders. However, this doesn’t eliminate the need for proper security measures. Ensuring your rooflight is well-secured is a proactive step in safeguarding your home.

Rooflight Security: Key Considerations Stella Rooflights

Essential Rooflight Security Measures

Toughened Glazing

  • Opt for a rooflight with extra-strong toughened glazing.
  • Some burglars attempt to break through window glass, making reinforced glazing crucial.
  • Use laminated glass for the inner pane to maximize effectiveness.
  • Laminated glass consists of multiple thin panes separated by a film, making it significantly harder to break.


Impossible External Opening

  • Choose an opening rooflight designed to resist external tampering.
  • Eliminate external screws or fittings that could be manipulated for unauthorised access.
  • Fixed rooflights, by design, do not open and contribute to enhanced security.


While rooflights inherently offer elevated security due to their elevated positioning, it’s essential to reinforce this advantage with additional security features. Investing in toughened glazing and ensuring the impossibility of external opening for certain rooflights are prudent steps to fortify your home against potential threats.

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