Stainless Steel Rooflights for Devon Coastal Property


The Old Church Hall is a stunning beachfront property in the picturesque North Devon town of Salcombe. The stone clad hall was converted into a residential dwelling in 2005 and lies below and to the South of the Grade 2 Listed Church of Holy Trinity.

In order to maximise the amount of natural light entering the old building the property owner decided the best course of action was to install rooflights. However, since the former Church Hall is located close to a Listed Building and within the Salcombe Conservation Area and the South Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB), planning consent was required.

Consideration had to be given to the surrounding built and natural environment, and materials such as plastic simply would not do. As such Architect, Michael Rutter, specified the Conservation style rooflights, with their traditional Victorian design, fine lines of steel and slender profile. The bespoke made rooflight would satisfy both the planning conservation officer and the client, who was not prepared to make any compromise on quality.

Technical Practicalities

We worked very closely with the architect to design and build a bespoke rooflight, comprising three sections, with bespoke casement sizes and a high quality internal American Ash timber finish. Due to the large size the rooflight (over 3m in length), and the high ceiling, each of the casements incorporated electric actuators. Due to the coastal location of the property, it was also important that the paint specification met the highest possible criteria.

The technical practicalities of such a large rooflight was a major factor in the design, however, both the architect and the client were extremely pleased with the overall result and performance of the product.

We have the ability to manufacture a rooflight to suit any design while offering the flexibility to work with architects to achieve the most demanding requirements.