5 Common Rooflight Questions Answered

Question 1.

Is there anything I can do to reduce the cost of my rooflights?

Firstly it is worth noting that all Stella rooflights are produced to a high specification which includes marine grade 316 stainless steel, a C5 standard coastal powder coat, real wood interior liners and self-clean, solar control glazing. We will not manufacture in carbon steel or reduce the quality of the paint finish or any other element of our rooflights because saving a few pounds today ultimately costs much more in the long term.

If you want to use the highest quality rooflight yet keep costs sensible there are a few things you can do which will help:

Does your rooflight have to open? A fixed rooflight is a lot more cost effective than an opening version. If you have alternative sources of ventilation in the room then it might not be necessary to have your rooflight opening.

If you do need it top open is it small enough to operate manually? A rooflight which can open with our manual screwjack winder will be considerably cheaper than an electrically actuated version. Anything up to 1000mm wide x 1200mm high can operate with a manual winder so if your rooflight is only slightly bigger than those dimensions, you could save a lot of money by reducing the size slightly.

Do you need glazing bars? If you need a conservation rooflight then quite often a stipulation of planning approval is that your rooflight has the glazing bars to divide up the glass. On smaller rooflights this involves and additional process in manufacturing and also additional time and materials in the finishing process. If your rooflight does not require glazing bars then additional savings can be made by not having them.

What about sizing? All our rooflights are bespoke and produced to our customer requirements. This means that your rooflights can be unique as your project and sized to whatever you need. One important consideration that is often overlooked on bespoke projects is sizing and we regularly asked to price jobs which have a number of different rooflights that are only a few centimetres different in size. This means that every rooflight has to be drawn and programed from scratch and those costs are included in each rooflight. Where you have a number of rooflights which are very similar in size, you can make a considerable saving by adjusting the sizing so that you have a number of rooflights produced to the same dimensions.

Question 2.

Do you produce large opening rooflights?

Yes, we can manufacture large sized rooflights and these can be produced with opening casements. With most modern rooflight designs you tend to see a run of much smaller rooflights linked side by side with multiple casements opening to achieve the required ventilation.

As all Stella rooflights are bespoke, we have the ability to make much larger opening casements which provides both increased light and ventilation when compared to linking. When it comes to opening rooflights, size is everything and the bigger the opening section the heavier it is, meaning the more power is required to lift it.

Our opening casements would normally be expected to achieve an opening distance of around 350mm using cill mounted chain drives. As the casement size and weight increases, so does the number of drives required to lift it, so there is a trade off in that bigger single casements offer more light but they are more expensive to operate.

It is also worth noting that we will usually include a wind sensor with any opening casement which is larger than 2000mm x 1000mm. This sensor automatically closes the casement or prevents it from opening when the wind speed reaches a certain limit. If you are designing large area of opening roof glazing it is important that you consider the impact wind has on open rooflights along with the potential damage that can occur if wind sensors are not used.

Question 3.

As all our products are bespoke and manufactured to our customers’ individual requirements, we do not have standard sizes and prices. If you have a requirement for rooflights and would like to find out more about the options which are available and the likely costs, please call one of our team on 01794 745445 or email info@stellarooflight.co.uk

Question 4.
If Stella rooflights are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, do I still need to maintain them?

All rooflights require some form of maintenance to ensure that they last their expected lifespan. In the case of most metal rooflights the maintenance of the paint is essential to prevent the frames from rusting. As Stella rooflights are manufactured from 316 stainless steel, they offer significantly more protection against rusting than ordinary mild/carbon steel rooflights but you will still need to look after the paint finish in order to maintain the appearance.

Question 5.

Can I have a blackout blind for my rooflight?

Yes, we offer a range of pleated blackout blinds which use a honeycomb energy saving fabric to bring you the perfect combination of style and function.
Available in both manual or electric options and in a range of colours. For further details, please call one of our team on 01794 745445 or email info@stellarooflight.co.uk

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